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local.ch is Switzerland’s No. 1 for finding detailed information about companies and services as well as telephone numbers. In addition, local.ch is one of the leading Swiss platforms for appointment reservations and requests for quotes.

In good hands in every situation. Well helps you check symptoms, make doctor's appointments and order medicines online. 

For over 30 years, ifa systems, a medium-sized software company, has been shaping the future of the healthcare market and always has its finger on the pulse. Specializing in ophthalmology, so you have more time for your patients.

Vitabyte - E-PAT Practice Software

E-PAT is a web and browser based all-in-one medical-practice software (Software as a Service - SaaS) that uses the latest web technologies to bring your practice into the modern age. Over 500 doctors, therapists, podiatrists, physiotherapists rely on E-PAT and impress not only their own team but also their patients with innovative features.

The medical-practice information system / software for doctors and therapists

Save time, get the best possible overview and reduce all administrative work to the absolute minimum! Since 1980 Praxinova has been successfully developing medical-practice information systems / software (PIS) for doctors and therapists of all specialties and has been accompanying customers in a partnership exchange for decades. Sound knowledge and our proven experience are based on this consistency.

Hexabit Luna is the user-friendly complete software solution for all ophthalmologists

Luna brings order, overview and structure to your practice. Whether it's an individual practice, group practice or clinic: We at Hexabit provide ophthalmologists with reliable and uncomplicated support in efficiently designing processes such as appointment scheduling, records management, reports or billing, while integrating all devices. We merge our IT and ophthalmology knowledge with your software needs. Regular, personal support and exchange with Luna users guarantees that the software is optimally tailored to your processes and working methods.

AESKULAP - the intelligent doctor software

The simple patient search and the quick retrieval of patient information are among the strengths of AESKULAP. The displayed selection is updated continuously and immediately as you type. With a single click you can access the various information (such as all open bills) of the patient.

CISTEC develops and operates the hospital information system KISIM

KISIM supports the daily work of doctors, nurses and other specialists in Swiss hospitals. The customer base of CISTEC ranges from regional hospitals to university hospitals, from the public chief physician's hospitals to private attending physician hospitals and from psychiatry to rehab.

Discover LIRIS: a medical-practice software for ophthalmologists. Modern and easy to use

From appointment management to billing, LIRIS does it all. Complete and integrated, LIRIS supports you in your tasks. During the development of LIRIS, special emphasis was placed on efficient handling without unnecessary work steps. LIRIS is easy and intuitive to use and in the end you save valuable time - for you as well as for your patients.


Dr. Samuel Gaillard and Dr. Wladyslaw Iwanowski, the founders and directors of Logival, have a dual medical and computer science education. Mediway offers a global IT answer to medical practices and groups.

Founded in 2007, Logival was born from a vision of two doctors to meet the needs of modern medical practices in terms of data security as well as an optimal IT solution.

Medelexis AG has been developing the Elexis software since 2009. Elexis is the heart of medical practices and supports them in all administrative activities. Starting with patient registration, through documentation of consultations, appointment allocation and billing. A complete electronic medical history in one software solution. Elexis is constantly extended by plugins, and is OpenSource at its core.

The Elexis core is a self-contained, complete medical history with service recording and billing tools. The core can be extended with any plugins. You can customize Elexis exactly to your requirements and continuously expand it .

The web-based medical information system curaMED enables efficient, electronic work regardless of time and place

curaMed is the web-based medical-practice software for electronic documentation (service recording, medical history, practice agenda, laboratory module, etc.) and optimization of practice processes. The software enables you to work anywhere and anytime and prepares you easily, safely and quickly for the digitized and networked future of the Swiss healthcare system (eHealth Suisse / EPDG).

TriaMed AG develops and markets innovative software solutions for medical-practice management

We offer individual consulting, software and hardware, comprehensive support and training from a single source. The software solution triaMED is suitable for all types of medical practices and practice groups. Based on the latest technology, triaMED was developed by physicians for physicians. The result is a modern and intuitive medical-practice information system with integrated medical history.

In order to meet the constantly growing demands on a practice-oriented software solution, triaMED is constantly being further developed. Professionally managed recent tenders show that triaMED is one of the leading medical history solutions in Switzerland.


siMed is an intelligent medical information system that covers all information processes and work processes inside and outside your practice. Various modules flexibly cover the needs of the practices. SiMed is used in a wide variety of specialist areas and practice sizes, from individual practices to complex group practices and medical centers. siMed allows you to easily add further practices or healthcare providers thanks to its multi-client capability. siMed is available in German, French or Italian.

ZaWin® - Excellent software for you

ZaWin® is the most comprehensive and widely used management software in Swiss dental practices. From small practices to large clinics, ZaWin® can provide a solution tailored to your current needs. Thanks to many years of experience, we can offer you an impeccable after-sales service and a guarantee of continuity and development of our products.

Vitodata - for doctors of the future

As an independent Swiss family company, Vitodata, which has grown to 117 employees, has been active in the healthcare sector for over 30 years with the aim of developing IT solutions for practicing doctors. Our main application offers a sustainable medical-practice information system with a wide range of functions. It can be used flexibly and can be perfectly tailored to the needs of both small medical practices and large health centers.

When it comes to the maintenance, security and support of your IT infrastructure, Vitodata also offers first-class services. From the software and its safe operation to the hardware, you can obtain everything from us.

Das Kompetenzzentrum Qualitätsmanagement der Berner Fachhochschule stellt seinen Kundinnen und Kunden Fach- und Expertenwissen in allen Fragen der Qualität, der Qualitätssicherung und der Qualitätsentwicklung zur Verfügung.

Wir vermitteln Grundlagen und theoretische Hintergründe zu Fragen der Qualität und des umfassenden Qualitätsmanagements im Sozial- und Gesundheitswesen, Bildungswesen, Wirtschaft und Verwaltung. Wir bieten Unterstützung und Beratung bei der Entwicklung, Einführung und Optimierung eines umfassenden Qualitätsmanagements.

Wir verstehen uns als Erfahrungs- und Best-Practice-Plattform zwischen den verschiedenen Anspruchsgruppen. Entwicklungs- und Forschungsprojekte stellen die Grundlagen für ein handlungsorientiertes, evidenzbasiertes, aktuelles Wissen sicher. Durch die enge Zusammenarbeit mit Universitäten und anderen Hochschulen garantieren wir den State of the Art in unserer Arbeit. Die Nähe zur Praxis stellt ein umfangreiches Netzwerk von Best-Practice-Partnern sicher.

Zur Rose ist die führende Schweizer Versandapotheke mit langjähriger Erfahrung. Unsere Apothekerinnen und Apotheker garantieren höchste Qualität und Sicherheit. Über 170'000 zufriedene Kundinnen und Kunden beziehen ihre Medikamente bereits günstig, bequem und sicher bei Zur Rose.