General about Medicosearch

Medicosearch is aimed at helping patients find and book an appointment with the right healthcare provider. Therefore we offer our online booking system. It is a platform which provides important information about you and at the same time allows to book an appointment online.
We have developed an algorithm that calculates free appointments in real time. By means of a query on medicosearch.ch, patients always see when you have a free time slot and can book it directly with you. The booking is sent encrypted to the clinic/surgery.
To benefit from our services, you must be registered at medicosearch.ch.


Please click the registration link on the home page.
This will open a window where you have to enter your EAN code. If you do not have an EAN code, contact us at support@medicosearch.ch.
You must also fill out the registration form correctly and agree to the general terms and conditions for healthcare providers and the data protection regulations.
Your data will be checked by Medicosearch. You will receive login information by email.
No, the registration at Medicosearch is free of charge.
Yes, you can block your account any time, just send a corresponding e-mail to support@medicosearch.ch.


All data are processed according to the current privacy policy regulations. You can view your personal data at support@medicosearch.ch any time.
For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.
Yes, if you are registered at Medicosearch, you can change your personal data in your user account.
In addition to the basic data (name, place of work, telephone number and specialization), only the data that you want to make accessible will be published.
If you cannot find yourself on our Internet portal, you have the possibility to include yourself. Medicosearch reviews the data you entered. If the information was successfully verified, you will be added to our database.


The Medicos (symbols with plus signs) reflect the average of all reviews submitted to the relevant healthcare provider. It should be noted, however, that these reviews reflect only customers' subjective impression. The overall judgment can be based on coincidence due to a small number of reviews. In addition, a comparison between the healthcare providers is possible to a limited extent, as the different number of reviews can lead to distortions.
Yes! Any serious review on the Medicosearch portal is a valuable contribution to other patients. It goes without saying that the patient is allowed to express his own opinion.
Yes. Our neutral physicians look through all the reviews and check their objectivity, content and legal compliance. That is how we check that the reviews are not insulting or defamatory and provide helpful information to other customers concerning the choice of the right healthcare provider.
Yes. Medicosearch reserves the right to delete the review at any time without justification. This can be the case in particular if the review violates the legal regulations and / or the general terms and conditions (offensive, defamatory, etc.).
However, the reviews are changed with the author's consent. This can especially be the case if the legal requirements are endangered without changes.
If you do not agree with a rating, in terms of content or because you have serious doubts whether the author was actually your patient, there are two options available. The first option is to object to the review, which will result in its removal from the website immediately and in re-reviewing by Medicosearch. If your doubts are confirmed, the review will no longer be published, otherwise it will be brought online again. The second option is to write your opinion in regard to the questionable review.
In a comment you can write your personal opinion concerning the questionable review. However, you must always comply with the legal regulations and our terms and conditions. In particular, the doctor-patient confidentiality may not be violated and the opinion may not be offensive or insulting.
The comment appears directly under the review to which it refers .
No. A comment may also contain further information or a thank you.
No. Medicosearch does not offer this option to the healthcare providers. You can only complain about the review or comment on it.
If you as a healthcare provider express legitimate doubts as to the origin of a review, i. e. if you want to make sure that the review is from one of your patients, you have the right to request that Medicosearch discloses the author's personal data.
In such a case, the author will be contacted by Medicosearch via e-mail. He then has the opportunity to agree to a disclosure of personal data or deny it. If the consent is denied, Medicosearch reserves the right to cancel the review or to request a written proof of the "doctor-patient relationship" from the author (e.g. a medical bill).

Technical Problems

If you have any technical problems, you can always send an e-mail to support@medicosearch.ch. Please describe your problem so that we can help you as soon as possible.
If your question is not answered by these FAQs, please contact us by email or call us.