Online appointments? We synchronize directly with your surgery agenda!

Medicosearch online appointment service available from CHF 90 per month

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Medicosearch booking widget on Mac
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Full automatic online appointment service
  • Two-way digital synchronization
  • Appointments are directly transferred to your surgery agenda
  • Calculation of free slots based on your capacities
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Medicosearch booking widget and agenda
Medicosearch 24/7 booking availability
Patient Check‑In
  • Electronic question / anamnesis sheet
  • Customizable
  • Encrypted transfer to surgery
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Medicosearch mobile applications
Increase your online visibility
  • Customer acquisition - 24/7 online booking
  • Individualized booking Widget on your homepage
  • Bookable on Medicosearch and the Medicosearch App
  • Bookable on - the largest search index in Switzerland
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Unlimited individualization
  • Combined appointments
  • Individualized mails
  • Various appointment functions
  • Reminder SMS/Mail for patients
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Medicosearch iWatch integration
Medicosearch 24/7 booking availability
Administrative reliefs
  • Reduce No-Shows
  • Reduce misunderstandings
  • No booking expense
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