Everyone is familiar with the situation. A visit to the doctor is inevitable, but which doctor * do I go to? Does this doctor take new patients and when does he have time for me? In such a case, you turn to your friends and ask about a trustworthy and competent doctor. But what if the friends are of a divided opinion or simply don't know a suitable doctor? You may also want to keep the matter confidential and therefore not ask anyone you know for advice.

This is where the Medicosearch concept comes in. Our origins are based on the idea that when choosing a doctor, we are primarily guided by the experiences of other people. A well-founded professional assessment is certainly very difficult for us laypeople, but we can always include our own satisfaction and experience in an assessment.

In order to be able to expand this valuable exchange beyond our circle of friends, we have developed a search platform on which you can search for the doctor, dentist or therapist who is suitable for you and book the required appointment directly online. Searching and booking the suitable healthcare provider is easy, fast and safe.

(*You can also book and rate dentists, therapists, surgeries and hospitals on Medicosearch sites.)