5 argomenti degli MPA contro i sistemi di appuntamenti online
12.10.2021 14:36

5 argomenti degli MPA contro i sistemi di appuntamenti online

In Switzerland, 98.8% between the ages of 15-59 use the Internet1. Out of 98.8%, 65% of the Swiss population book their appointments online2

90% of the Swiss MPAs who participated in our live survey at the 5th MPA Symposium, use the possibility to book their appointments online in their lives. At the same time, however, 62% of MPAs do not believe that online appointment booking can support them in their daily work. We are convinced that after three months of our partnership, they can no longer imagine working without Medicosearch!

Many healthcare providers hesitate to integrate new software into their daily practice.

Medicosearch works with the most popular Swiss practice software providers and knows how to make a smooth transition into your online appointment scheduling. We have collected some tricky use cases and would like to present them to you below.

Argument 1
MPA: “Patients must be informed before the appointment”

All patients receive an appointment confirmation email containing all necessary information. MPAs can add terms and conditions, Covid-19 restrictions, as well as special recommendations on how to prepare for the visit, payment options and other important information. Medicosearch appointment confirmation emails can be customized for each doctor and treatment. 

Argument 2
MPA: “New patients require more time”

New patients usually require more time than existing patients.  Medicosearch makes it possible to distinguish between new and existing patients.. 

Argument 3
MPA: “Only urgent patients should be able to book in a short time”

For urgent patients, Medicosearch algorithms find the nearest free slots among all available doctors providing urgent medicine services. The MPA can determine how early a visit should be scheduled - for each doctor and each treatment individually!

Argument 4
MPA: “After the examination we must book a lab”

Medicosearch can book a lab if needed right after the selected treatment automatically.

Another application of our double booking function is two appointments for the Covid 19 vaccination at once (so-called follow-up appointment). This means that patients and MPAs do not have to calculate the correct appointment and search for a free place for the second vaccination dose.

Argument 5
MPA: “We need insurance number for bookings”

Medicosearch integrates a comprehensive health questionnaire into the booking process for the practice, which is adapted to the individual needs. The questionnaire is filled out by the patient during the booking process online and sent to the practice.


Set up once, Medicosearch booking solution works for the practice. Our tool can significantly increase the efficiency of MPAs and improve the patient experience.

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